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Eric Metaxas is a renowned radio host and an experienced biographer, best known for his studies of William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. girls and boys as a means of creating an informed.

But it is also true that the abolitionist movement grew out of Christian belief and the Christian church. William Wilberforce, the great British. In Syria, he refused to put any real muscle behind.

The man was asking why the Tongans, who had gained so much from Christianity. anti-slavery campaigns of William Lloyd Garrison or William Wilberforce, or the civil rights activism of the Reverend.

To be liberal in the early United States involved specific beliefs and actions: it meant that you embraced the rational thought of the Enlightenment, that you manifested a Christian benevolence.

But Eric Metaxas, the featured speaker Feb. 2 and the author of biographies on Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce. Christian. "Jesus was and is the enemy of dead religion," Metaxas said.

Bush administration, Congress adopted legislation designed to make things safer for unaccompanied immigrant children arriving into the U.S. The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection.

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Metaxas spent his early career writing children’s books and video scripts for Rabbit Ears Productions and VeggieTales before becoming a cultural commentator and author of popular biographies of.

We are a church for the likes of William Wilberforce and Martin Luther King Jr. A church. that Moore and his sanctimonious ilk have been allowed to hijack "conservative Christianity." I imagine.

Basker spoke with TIME. the real political and economic power of the South was what the antislavery movement found itself up against. Religion plays a key role in the abolitionist movement. Was.

William Wilberforce. real life, Tarleton was a nasty piece of work. Though he denied responsibility for some of his troops’ worst excesses during the American war of independence, he emerges from.

But threats to the safety of the young people and families who make long, dangerous and often expensive journeys to the US are often very real. A report released in March [pdf] by the UN.

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Buxton wears his Christianity prominently, but lightly. His conversation is scattered with references to Mother Teresa, William Wilberforce and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. t withstand the conditions. That.

(RNS) The head of the public policy arm of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination caused a stir this election season when he said he no longer wanted to be called an “evangelical Christian.

The Crusades were an effort “to defend Christians in the Middle East who were being slaughtered by Muslims” after the Muslim conquest of Christian Jerusalem. slavery on Christians but to ignore.

But where are the William Wilberforces? Just as feminists will have to be careful not to alienate potential allies, Christian conservatives (who today lionize Wilberforce. if there was a perception.

And some real troublemakers have read it. Another historical troublemaker was the British Parliamentarian William Wilberforce. When he read the Bible, he saw that the African slave trade — which.

But Christianity always calls its followers back to the gospels’ first principles. You can read the gospels, or St Augustine in the 4th century, or Thomas Aquinas in the 13th, or John Wesley or.

Wouldn’t just being called Christian or a follower of Jesus work. In time, it became a term synonymous with Lutheranism itself. William Wilberforce, who pressed the British commonwealth to outlaw.